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We look forward to welcoming you in our private park in one of the most beautiful spots of the whole of Lake Garda, Punta San Vigilio. Spend the day immersed in our beautiful olive groves, on our huge sunloungers, relax in our spectacular pool and swim in the cool waters of the lake. A closed number ensures we are never crowded and a guaranteed, reserved parking place will make your stay even easier.
Come spend the day with us, you deserve it.
We specialise in sourcing the best produce and serving it in the simplest way possible, either raw or cooked on a wood fired open grill, bbq style.
We partner with local specialists to find the best fresh fish from the Mediterranean sea, 45 days aged Fiorentine and Tomahawks from all over Europe and the best seasonal vegetables. Enjoy our cocktails or a selection of wines from around the Lake. Our artisan gelato is to die for! We are always happy to tell you about our ingredients, their provenance and why we chose them so feel free to ask!
The Bar is open all day, the kitchen from noon until the evening. Admission is free after 6pm only with dinner reservations. If you would like to come for lunch only or planning large bookings, please email us.
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Opening Hours & Prices
The Park will be open every day
from the 29th of March to the 30th September 2024.
Opening hours are 10am until sunset daily (changing rooms and pool area close at 7pm)
Low Season
From the 8th to the 30th of September
Single Day Pass - 20 €
3 day Pass - 60 €
10 Day Pass - 200 €
All tickets include :
High Season
From 2nd of June to the 8th of September
Single Day Pass - 25 €
3 day Pass - 60 €
10 Day Pass - 200 €
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Private Events
Parco San Vigilio is the ideal place for numerous events. From weddings to brunches, birthday parties to corporate gatherings, we'd be delighted to assist you in creating an incredible occasion. Send us an email with your inquiry and our team will get back to you shortly.
We are thrilled to have you as a guest at our location and want to make sure you enjoy yourself while you are here.
To make this happen, we kindly ask you to follow a few simple rules to help us maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our space and to ensure that all guests feel comfortable and respected.
First and foremost, please refrain from littering or leaving any rubbish on the ground. We take pride in our surroundings and we ask that you help us maintain a clean and tidy environment by disposing of your rubbish properly.
We kindly ask that guests refrain from bringing outside food or beverages into our venue. We offer a variety of food and drink options on site for your convenience and enjoyment. By not bringing outside food or beverages, you are helping us maintain a clean and safe environment for all guests. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Please respect your fellow guests and our staff. This means refraining from any behavior that may be disruptive or offensive, including excessive noise or inappropriate language. Please be mindful of others around you and help us maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
Finally, please be mindful of any posted signs or instructions from our staff. These are in place to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, and we ask that you follow them to help us maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
We believe that by following these simple guidelines, we can all work together to ensure that our venue remains a beautiful and enjoyable place for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you have a fantastic time with us!
Contact Us
Parco Mobile Number +39 349 939 5748 (during opening hours)