Enjoy and relax...

Parco San Vigilio is located between the Gulf of Garda and the San Vigilio peninsula, occupying a 20,000 sqm area on the shores of Lake Garda. Nature dominates the area, 35 secular cypresses and over 500 olive trees surround a 200 sqm pool creating an idyllic spot for our guests to relax and recharge. The works started in 2016, the French architect Rudy Ricciotti collaborated with the Veronese Iglis Zorzi to emphasise the natural beauty of the location.


Season opening on 14th April 2022
Low season from 20th May-16th June & from 2nd September-closing date TBD
High season from 17th June-1st August

We are open every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm during the week, while on holidays we are open from 10:00
am to 19:00 pm.

Entrance tickets can be purchased online click here or directly at the Parco
In high season online purchase is highly recommended

Lunch only will be served during low season, no reservation required
Lunch and dinner will be served in high season, reservation required for dinner
Please email info@parcosanvigilio.com
You can download the restaurant menu here
Picnics at the Parco are not allowed

Free parking is available for the Parco's clients until full capacity
In high season early arrival recommended to secure parking space