Information on Parco San Vigilio.

- An area of 20000 squared meters allows for social distancing rules to be applied
- Sanitizer gel and face masks
- Crowds and queues control; booking is recommended

Kindly, we ask all our guests within the park to abide to the safety and hygiene rules.
Your understanding and collaboration, together with our efforts, will be essential to be able to spend a day in the park within total safety.

Hygiene and Safety directions

Guests will be granted access to the park only after: Verifying their possession of facemasks; body temperature check up, impeding access to those whose temperature will be greater than or equal to 37.5°C.
Visitors with flu-like symptoms will not be granted access to the structures.

Help us follow the rules:

● Keep a face mask available for the entire duration of the day. Wearing a face mask is not mandatory while social distancing rules are being followed, while seating at a table for a meal, and within your personal space on the sun beds. Wearing a face mask is mandatory into the bathrooms and changing rooms.
● Face mask is mandatory in bathrooms as they are closed environments, in common areas, at the entrance and exit of the park and if the distances required by law are not respected.
● Wash your hands often, and frequently use the provided hand sanitizer stations.
● Maintain a safety distance between one another and avoid crowding.
● Your clothing and personal items must be stored inside your personal bag.
● The crowding density in the swimming pool is calculated for a maximum number of 28 people, at a time.
● A soapy shower is mandatory before entering the pool.
● The effectiveness of the sanitary water treatment chain and the limit of the free, combined active chlorine and PH parameter of the pool water provided for by law are ensured.
● Contact the park staff in case of necessity.

Sun Beds

In order to guarantee the best cleaning service, our staff will proceed with the sanification.

Reclining Chairs

In order to guarantee the best cleaning service, our staff will proceed with the sanification.

What we do for you:

The park ensures maximal care through the disinfection of all areas and surfaces of the park, including restrooms.

Social distancing of at least 1 meter in crowd-risk areas and of at least 1.5 meters between chairs and sun beds, must be maintained at all times. This will be ensured through direct controls by the staff operatives and by signs with distancing rules, as well as general rules, written on them.

The staff operatives of the Parco San Vigilio are doing their best everyday to provide the greatest possible assistance to the customer.

We have trust in the collaboration and in your understanding of the current situation.